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If you are looking for some freshly baked new stories,  this one will cater your demand.
A story about the relationship.
A flawless fiction with a surprising twist at the end.
True to its title,  the book has a strong message for everyone.
Why are we so judgemental without even knowing what is happening to other’s life?
Don’t you think A relief from our guilt is much like a drizzle in the desert?
Highly recommended to people who enjoy good storytelling and also a relief from the same old college love story  – Sudeshna on Amazon

Bala is creating a niche for himself in a new genre which blends corporate and family life so beautifully. While his first fiction focussed more on corporate life, his second fiction A Drizzle in the Desert focus more on family issue with a dash of corporate flavour. The story travels from New York to Delhi to Coimbatore seamlessly. It moves so fast without any drag with no unwanted conversations or narratives. Author has beautifully created each character which justifies their behavior and one cannot brand anyone as good or bad. Similar traits of father and son in resolving friend’s family issues and tactful handling of corporate situation was very well narrated. A very light read with a good twist in the end. Reader can easily relate him/her with the plot and that makes the story very interesting. Please grab your copy and feel good after reading.  – Srinivasan KA on Amazon

A well narrated story, woven around relationships, a story that we can relate to. It gives a feeling that we are part of the story and it’s happening around us. Emotions have been beautifully dealt with , by the author. In all, the book makes a good and interesting reading. – Anuradha on Amazon

Drizzle in the Desert lives up to the pedigree of the author. PC Bala is one of those rare writers,who like the title suggests- a drizzle in the Desert. In an industry flush with new writers every day, putting together a simple story and keeping the reader engaged is an art. In his fourth book and the second fiction that has , surprisingly Rajnikanth mentioned in just one line in the entire book, is a testimony to the fact that he is taking a different path. This book is a notch above his earlier Ready,Steady Exit. With fair amount of emotion and some brief insights into relationships – spouse, friends, parent etc, he has covered it all. While it will not get you all teary eyed, it does pull at the heart strings in specific chapters. He traverses smoothly between New York and Gurgaon and Coimbatore. The book has its small parts that could have been improved. Editing/ proof reading should have been a lot tighter. Typo errors, same chapter number twice etc could be avoided. So could some repetitive lines, particularly the ones involving Abhi, the protagonist and his spouse Anjali. But, the author must have had his thought on why he needed to stress this over a couple of chapters. As a reader , I found it did not accentuate the story line.
In summary, a good read- smooth and easy flow of language with simple, uncomplicated English. I go with a 4 star purely for the missed proof reading. PC is a stickler for “best outcomes”. Hence my grouse here – Ravion

A drizzle in the desert is a work of fiction from the man who made our very own superstar Rajinikanth into an MBA chapter worth reading, PC Balasubramanian. A drizzle in the desert, his 2nd work of fiction, revolves around a protagonist and the ups and downs he faces in his life and the hard choices he has to make. What I loved about the book was the relevance. When we connect with the book on a personal level, it takes you into another world altogether, and this book manages to do that seamlessly. Direct, straightforward, without heavy jargon, I would recommend this book for anybody who loves simplicity and a good emotional story.
Very relevant, very engaging, very Indian. That is how I would describe the book.
Thank you, PC sir for this wonderful story. Buy this book, tuck yourself in a cozy couch and dive into
200+ pages of pure emotion. – Badri Venkat

Loved the story,it works around most human emotions like love,hate,jealousy,lust, devotion, suspicion, dedication etc..one story to cover all these is commendable…very fast read…keeps readers interest alive throughout…i recommend it …pick it up you’ll not put it down till you finish. – Amazon Customer

It’s a nice feel-good story which has a perfect blend of emotions, family bonding, suspense etc. The writer has captured the human emotions in the most perfect way and would surely recommend the book for reading –  P.P. Viswanathan

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