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I would like to quote my father here. in the early part of our marriage, when we were totally two different people and people wondered how two people from totally different backgrounds were getting together and when my father learnt more and more about him, he always used to say you’re bigger than a management student. he could manage himself well. he had every aspect of management built into him. that’s why he could make himself into a brand. – Latha RajinikathIndian Philanthropist, Film Producer, Playback Singer

It is like him talking. almost imagine rajini talking. it’s really riveting. fabulously written. it’s not a blind idol worship of rajnikanth. it’s a very well thought-through beautifully written book with a lot of substance. i hope he reads the book and endorses the brand. – R. Balki Indian Filmmaker, Chairman of the advertising agency Lowe Lintas

The authors have definitely researched their project thoroughly. this book shows that brand building is not just an aspect of our personality, but a life long process. This also shows that every brand goes through a life cycle and success and failure depends upon the way we handle it and make every move at the crucial stages. A Very Good Book To Buy And Retain it for Yourself! – Dr.Siddaram Kalashetty

Excellent book. A handbook very useful for anyone who is into marketing – whether a student or professional. Anyone who has a product to sell will get to know how important it is to create a brand that is identified, trusted and respected. I remember the old adage: You don’t need to sell the product – just sell the concept; the product will sell itself.

And halloa! It makes great reading even if you are not into marketing! The book explains the intricacies of brand management by using examples of some well-known brands and their history which is very informative. That must’ve taken some research! Hats off to the authors – it’s amazing how the they have succeeded in combining the super brands and the superstar to create the Grand Brand. This book will make a useful addition to any library. – Ganesh Subramaniam

I do not know much about the vaunted ‘business’ world, but GBR was a book that had me hooked, for it is very well researched book on brand management. It’s not only for fans of Rajini, but readers in general (though I’m both!) It gives fun facts about various corporations, their business practices, etc, and is a pleasant read that is informative as well as entertaining. The writer(s) have done a great job again (after Rajni’s punchtantra)! Go read GBR. You won’t regret it! – Sami A. Khan

It’s amazing how two individuals can combine two of their biggest passions into a wonderful book! Grand Brand Rajini explains the do’s and don’ts of brand management by citing examples of leading brands and their stories in the context of Rajinikanth’s career. The extensive research performed on corporate brands and ‘brand Rajini’ make this book a comprehensive read for both business students/professionals as well as hardcore Rajni fans. I will definitely be on the lookout for more books from the authors in the near future! – Anupama Ramakrishnan

I would say it is a handbook to be used by any entrepreneur. The story line is very clear and the language is lucid. The punch is in the takeaways – very well related to the actor’s career. Its like seeing “Baasha” – rejuvenating. Its difficult for any one to describe Rajini after this. The cult brand is most appropriate – the punch line is – “for a brand which has become a cult brand – there is no success or failure – it is just about being”… well said. The Archetype comparative table is out of the world… right brand right movie. Not to exaggerate – this book make a management student understand “BRAND” so easy. All brand comparisons are very interesting to ready- i love the KMPL conversion from KMPH by honda. Though it is a very serious read – the authors due to the relative way of story telling make the reader to read it like a novel.. i wish all the text books to follow this path so that the kids understanding of fundamental becomes more strong. – Srinivasan KA

Being an avid, passionate Indian cinema fan, I’ve always found it odd that Movies are never discussed as part of ice breaking conversations that we have officially with clients and partners. GRAND BRAND RAJINI opens a door to make that possible. Excellently researched, and written in simple, lucid style, it is quite amazing how the authors pulled off this almost incredible association of best selling global brands with Rajini. A must read for every student and practitioner of marketing and needless to mention, every Rajini fan. – Suresh Narayan

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