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I am amazed to see the creativity, interpretation and the strong relevance of some of the punchlines in both business and life management. I appreciate the good work of P.C. Balasubramanian, who has penned this interesting book along with Raja Krishnamoorthy. I hope that all readers, including my fans, would enjoy reading this book. – Rajinikanth, Actor

While you’ve probably enjoyed Rajini’s dialogues in the movies and remember them all, you may have figured the deeper significance of those lines – and the messages they hold for us in business and in life. This book takes you on a fascinating journey reliving those dialogues, connecting the dots and revealing invaluable life lessons. It’s the kind connecting the dots and revealing invaluable life lessons. It’s the kind of book you will want to go back to –  again and again… – Prakash Iyer, MD, the author of The habit of Winning

I would have never read a book with a cine actor’s face on the cover, but this book made the difference… My favourite: emphasis on brand equity through “Paera Kaetavudane chumma athuruthilae”… – T.R. Santhanakrishnan, Chairman and CEO TaurusQuest

Many a times we see pepole rendering these dialogues, Most of the times we would have missed capturing the meaning.. This book makes it a point that we dont miss it. Lucid and simple interpretations, do a world of Good in this book !!! – Raghuram V

Its Different. Co-relating Rajni’s punches to the real life Management side, its out of box thinking. Good, light, short book. – Abhishek Varshney

Superb compilation of his dialogues and a creative managerial angle to them. Excellent and look forward for more of such innovations. Would be useful for people from all walks of life including students, elders and people in the field. – Hariharan Iyer

It’s really delightful experience to co-relate the SuperStar’s PUNCH dialogues with Business and our personal life. The book is in simple English coinciding with modern Management mantras – Giri

Really we have to appreciate the idea to convert popular ‘Rajini’s punch dialogues’ to management tips. The style and narration is excellent. I am suggesting this book to all my students to go through the inner meaning of Rajini’s punches besides enjoying his films! – Gopinath Chintala

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